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Top 3 Trends for Clinical Documentation Improvement in 2018

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Top 3 Trends for Clinical Documentation Improvement in 2018

Every passing year continues to highlight the necessity for Clinical Documentation Improvement technology in the healthcare industry. Physicians these days are required to rely heavily on the accuracy of their patient’s documentation to make extremely important decisions. Inaccurate patient care documentation can result in subpar outcomes for patients as well as issues with billing and revenue for the practice. Physicians in 2018 are looking to provide the best care and diagnoses possible for their patients while also generating revenue. CDI technology is becoming more and more prevalent to help them accomplish this. Getting involved with the ACDIS is a great step for physicians to take that are looking to leverage this powerful technology in the coming year. If you still aren’t convinced of the necessity for emphasizing CDI and real-time medical scribe software, we have prepared a list of the top 3 trends for Clinical Documentation Improvement in 2018 to help convince you otherwise.


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Inpatient Programs are becoming more specialized

CDI technology is extremely valuable for both inpatient and outpatient programs. We are particularly intrigued with the specialization occurring for inpatient programs. Rehabilitation, Pediatrics, and even Gynecology programs have begun utilizing CDI technology to increase payments and the accuracy of diagnoses. The technology is improving every day, and it’s exciting to see CDI becoming more robust and varied in its uses. You can definitely expect to see Inpatient Programs continue to become more specialized with the use of CDI in 2018.


More People Familiarizing with CDI

We all know about the immense value that CDI and real-time medical scribe software can provide for physicians. The technology is becoming ubiquitous. As more and more physicians begin to adapt to and rely on CDI technology, their people need to learn how it works as well to see the full extent of its benefits. Coders and nurses must be well-versed with CDI technology in order to get the maximum potential revenue and payments from their documentation.


The Technology Should Continue to Improve

Perhaps the most compelling trend in 2018 for CDI technology is the fact that it most certainly will become more efficient and have a broader scope by the end of the year. Processes and workflows are consistently being improved, especially as more and more healthcare professionals become familiar with the technology.

The increased relevance of Clinical Documentation Improvement in the healthcare world is proof of the value that this incredible technology provides. During 2018, the three trends mentioned above will certainly continue to add real value for Physicians and healthcare providers.


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