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How To Tell If You’re Struggling With Alcoholism

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How To Tell If You’re Struggling With Alcoholism

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For many of us, our first alcoholic beverages were at a relatively young age. Very few Americans actually start drinking at the age of 21. But in these primitive teenage years, when binge drinking is so rampant, the human body has not yet developed enough to handle large amounts of alcohol.

It is in these early years that many people can develop dependency. Early aged consumption of alcohol, coupled with genetics and drinking culture are just a few of the variables that can lead someone to alcoholism. But it doesn’t just happen overnight. And it is not always so clear at what point you’ve crossed the line from casual drinker to alcoholic. The good news is that there is in fact a line. And there’s a way to measure how close you are the crossing it. And the sooner you recognize the problem, the easier it is to turn it around. Here are a few flags that should tip you off that it’s time to make a change in lifestyle.

You Avoid People Whose Opinions You Care About When Consuming Alcohol

Have you noticed that when you’re drinking you don’t want your parents or colleagues to see you? That’s a sign that you don’t have enough control over how much you consume at a time. It also means that you are either consciously, or more likely, subconsciously aware of this fact. The reason you don’t want these people to see you is because you know that for you, drinking is synonymous with getting drunk.

Alcohol Is Your First Option For Relieving Stress When You’re Under Pressure

Self-medication is one of the prime indicators that the alcohol has power over you. A healthy adult will most often consume alcohol in moderation in social settings. If you find that you need a drink when you are alone because the world is closing in on you, that should concern you. The stresses of the world will not make your problems go away. And if you find yourself depending on the bottle to make that stress go away, then it’s time to find some help.

You Find Yourself Sneaking Extra Drinks In Social Settings

Even if you are strictly a social drinking, that does not exclude you from the possibility of you having a drinking problem. For example, when you are out with friends, and you find yourself continuing to drink after the others have stopped. Or if you find that when others are not looking you consume extra drinks, that could mean that you are consuming the alcohol out of dependency and not out of pleasure.

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