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5 Signs You Could Be Suffering From Erectile Dysfunction

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5 Signs You Could Be Suffering From Erectile Dysfunction

It appears that the number of people suffering from erectile dysfunction is on the rise. In addition to that, the number of prescriptions of drugs, including Viagra, has grown substantially in the previous ten years. The statistics suggest that it’s almost doubled. With the help of Luzato Medical Group, we take a look at five tell-tale signs that may suggest you are suffering from erectile dysfunction. Luzato Medical Group is a leading clinic to help you fight erectile dysfunction. Should you be interested in receiving treatment from the leading erectile dysfunction doctor New York has to offer, get in touch with Luzato Medical Group now.

Of course there are a range of causes for erectile dysfunction, and they vary from individual to individual. Physical causes can include diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and hormonal issues. At the same time, erectile dysfunction can be caused by a psychological issue including depression, relationship issues and anxiety.

While it can be an embarrassing issue to discuss for many males, it’s better to be honest. It’s vital to catch the condition as early as possible. This is because a number of health professionals believe ED acts as an early warning sign for more serious health issues. These health issues include heart disease and high blood pressure.

If you are concerned that you, or a loved one, might be suffering from erectile dysfunction here are five signs to keep an eye on.

An Over-Use Of Viagra

Against the beliefs of many, excessive porn-watching and an over indulgence in masturbation will not cause erectile dysfunction. Something that will however, is an unnecessarily high usage of Viagra. The tablet that promises to boost your sexual performance might actually hinder it long-term if you abuse it.

A recent study shows that in healthy men, Viagra can create issues with dependency, as well as increasing the risks of developing psychological and physical-related erectile dysfunction.

Diabetes & Other Health Issues

While there are a huge amount of health conditions that can trigger erectile dysfunction, men with diabetes are at higher risk. This is because they are likely to suffer from chronic health issues, putting them more in danger.

Furthermore, men suffering from diabetes can experience erection problems, ten to fifteen years earlier than other men. Looking towards older men, individuals who have diabetes are far more likely to suffer from ED at an older age.

Poor Quality Sexual Intercourse

Whilst you may be able to achieve an erection with a sexual partner, this might however mean you are still suffering from ED. Just because you have an erection, doesn’t necessarily mean it is strong enough, or able to support sexual intercourse.

Thinking very short-term Viagra might help, but don’t come dependent on the stuff. Instead, discuss openly with your partner ways in which you can feel satisfied, without leaving you red in the face.

Poor Sex Life With Your Partner

If you struggle to get an erection with a sexual partner, however, have no problems while masturbating alone, this could point to erectile dysfunction. If this is the case for you, it is more than likely that this is stress-related or psychological.

Many doctors across the globe suggest that the failure to get an erection more than half the times you wish, indicates erectile dysfunction. Of course doctor, by doctor varies. This is just a loose estimate.

Bad Teeth

This particular cause is a little more obscure than the ones above. According to multiple studies across Asia and parts of Europe, men who suffer from erectile dysfunction are also likely to have bad teeth.

Research suggests that poor levels of dental hygiene can cause unhealthy bacteria to enter the blood flow. This then leads to unhealthy and damaging blood flowing through your body. When your body wants an erection, brain sends blood to the penis. Should this blood be unhealthy, your erection will reflect that.

In Conclusion

Erectile dysfunction is a serious issue and can have underlying health issues for you and your loved ones. It is better to seek medical attention sooner rather than later, and Luzato Medical Group is the perfect place to go. Offering the number one erectile dysfunction doctor New York has, they will be sure to correct any issues you may have, both quickly and efficiently.

Should you require a specialist erectile dysfunction doctor New York, contact Luzato Medical Group now.

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