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How Psychotherapy Can Set Your Child On A Path To Emotional Health

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How Psychotherapy Can Set Your Child On A Path To Emotional Health

The value of psychotherapy to an individual’s emotional health has been a topic in question for the length of its existence. Such is the case especially for younger patients. What is the difference between talking out one’s problems with a friend and seeking professional child therapy Westchester NY services? As it turns out, quite a lot. If you are concerned about your child’s emotional health and development, here’s how psychotherapy can help set him or her on the right track.

The evidence of psychotherapy’s effectiveness

Research from several hundred studies show that psychotherapy has been instrumental for patients of all ages to make positive adjustments to their lives. Particularly for younger patients, therapists have the capacity to identify the root of their patients’ behavioral and emotional struggles. With this information, they can offer clearly defined plans towards healthier and more emotionally stable daily life.

How it works

In order for psychotherapy to be effective, three factors must take place in harmony. Firstly, the therapist should base his or her treatment on evidence from studies that apply to each patient’s particular problems. That entails building a profile and defining the areas upon which the therapist feels the patient can improve. If the therapist offers they same treatment to all patients regardless of their history, psychotherapy will ultimately not be effective.

Secondly, in order to correctly define the problems and offer appropriate actions towards solutions, the therapist must have expertise in the field upon which the patient needs attention. The Counseling Center has therapists who specialize in a variety of fields. Thirdly, the therapist must remain conscious at all times of his or her patient’s cultural roots. The result of addressing these three factors in unison will be a healthier and happier patient. For younger patients, this sometimes entails additional communication with the parents.

The value of trust and confidentiality

By speaking to a professional who has the ethical obligation to protect his or her patients’ personal information, patients have the opportunity to explore aspects of their lives that they are not comfortable discussing with people with whom they have personal relationships. Psychotherapy provides the opportunity to definitively work towards a solution through articulating areas of one’s life that bring him or her distress or anxiety with a person who has the knowledge and expertise to understand the root of those emotions. Typically this is a benefit that personal friends and family are ill-equipped to provide.

The Counseling Center is a group of therapists in Westchester County, New York. They offer psychotherapy and child therapy Westchester NY services. They also specialize in family therapy, couples counseling, and addiction counseling. To learn more about their services, please call 914-793-3388.

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