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What Is Play Therapy And How Can It Benefit Your Child?

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What Is Play Therapy And How Can It Benefit Your Child?

The Counseling Center is a child therapy Westchester NY company. Their services are available to patients in Tuckahoe, Eastchester, and Yonkers. They also offer couples therapy, addiction counseling, and more. Their mission is to set you on the path to emotional health.

Every child develops at his or her own pace. The goal of a child’s parents and the adults of his or her life should be to facilitate the healthiest possible development at the pace with which the child is most comfortable. In Play Therapy, counselors and therapists are conscious of this and work to communicate with their younger patients on a level that is appropriate for their patients’ stage in development. To put it simply, Play Therapy is when a child therapist speaks the child’s language through play to build a rapport with his or her patient, leading to healthier and more honest communication.

What is an appropriate age for Play Therapy?

Play Therapy is most effective for patients between the ages of three and 12. This represents the stage in life for most children in which play is most stimulating. Patients at an earlier age are usually too young for a therapist to construct a substantive analysis, as language is usually still at a relatively primitive stage. Moreover, most games in the Play Therapy methodology are no longer of interest to patients who are older than 12.

Why Play Therapy works

Another key ingredient to effective Play Therapy is the therapist’s ability to establish a healthy and safe relationship with the child. Trust lays the foundation through which patients feel comfortable enough to express what they really do and don’t like. With trust, therapists can develop a more accurate profile of what pleases the patient and what bothers the patient. With this information, therapists can offer more accurate diagnoses and more effective treatments and action plans working toward healthier emotional development.

Who benefits most from Play Therapy

Patients with behavioral problems such as Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), learning disabilities, delays in social development, difficulty managing anger, anxiety, depression, autism, and physical disabilities can all benefit greatly from Play Therapy. Children who have undergone traumatic experiences such as death or loss of a family member or loved one due to abandonment or any other physical or emotional trauma stand to benefit from Play Therapy as well.

Research suggests that Play Therapy is most effective when the child’s caregiver/parent(s) is/are present. This helps establish trust with the therapist and also allows the legal guardian to witness the methodology firsthand. To learn more about Play Therapy, contact the Counseling Center at 914-793-3388 and ask about their child therapy Westchester NY services.

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