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If you and your partner can't seem to conceive but she has gone through every test in existence and shown no signs of problems, you may want to consider getting some tests yourself. http://www.drharryfisch.com/its-not-just-women-who-can-be-infertile-microsurgical-varicocelectomy/ For more info on male infertility and possible solutions, contact New York urologist

Not getting enough sleep can seriously damage your health. As you’ve probably heard before, a good night sleep will help you perform better during the day. You’ll be able to concentrate more and react faster and more effectively to day to day situations. However, according

If you’re running a private practice or a hospital, incorporating a Clinical Documentation Initiative (CDI) is of outmost importance for a better population health management. For example, a medical diagnosis calculator allows health professionals to record their speech as they perform examinations on a patient, avoiding