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New to exercise? What you always wanted to know

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New to exercise? What you always wanted to know

If you’re starting in the fitness world, you might have a bunch of questions you’re too self-conscious to ask. But as you know, exercise is an important part of being a healthy individual. So if you’re having doubts about continuing with your training because there are many things you still don’t have a solid grasp on, breath in, breath out, take it easy and read on.

If you feel like a weirdo at the gym because you’re the new guy, keep in mind that everyone was the new guy at some point. Furthermore, people are more focused on themselves than they will ever be on you.


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Regardless of your fitness goals, it is important that you understand that the basics will always be the same, building a strong base that will make you more efficient and coordinated for advanced training. Both professional and amateurs require a full body training, which is why is so important to learn the exercises and train your entire body to get better results. The more muscles and joints involved in an exercise, the more you have to work.

In the beginning your body is just not in the proper condition to endure long and intense training, start slowly and move at your own pace. Focus on doing the exercises correctly and don’t overwork yourself, you’ll end up doing more harm than good.

Get proper rest between training session, rest between series and make sure that your intensity is consistent from ne series to the next and from one training session to the other. That’s the only way in which you will be able to scale your training.

Prepare a schedule and makes sure you train your entire body in every session, letting too many days pass between training session won’t allow you to see the progress and results you expect, not to mention that you’ll be sore every time you pick up the training.

Remember that warming up is key and that cardio and stretching are just as important as weight training. You need to find a way to start sweating and cardio or calisthenics are the perfect allies for that.

3 to 4 series of 6 to 12 repetitions are ideal, keep in mind that exercise, like many other things in life, is more about quality than quantity. Combining stable and continuous cardio with high intensity intervals and short rests is crucial to strengthen your heart and burn calories and fat.

Soreness is normal, foam rolls, ice and hot showers will be your allies post-training. Additionally, proper rest and a good diet are also key to maintain good health, offer good performances and recover after every training session.

Look for comfortable shoes and clothes that offer support and stability. A supporting belt if you’ll be doing heavy lifting is also recommended. If you need help staying motivated, there are plenty of resources all over the internet to keep you on track.

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