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Looking for the right Substance Abuse treatment Program? Here’s how to find one

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Looking for the right Substance Abuse treatment Program? Here’s how to find one

Substance abuse is a sever public health issue that affects us all. However, the difficulties that finding a good treatment that not only works but is actually ethical has proven not to be the easiest task.

Whilst in many situations the person in need of substance abuse treatment receive the appropriate care and attention to overcome their condition; in many other cases, things can spiral out of control easily and the “treatment” may end up doing more harm than good. But how to recognise and identify the right treatment programme with such a broad catalogue to choose from, and how to anticipate unethical treatment that threaten the patient instead of helping them.

The following are the traits you should be looking for when trying to choose a substance abuse treatment program:


  • EBPs: Evidence-based practices is key when dealing with substance abuse. Since every person is different, the ways in which an individual deals with addiction is different too. Nonetheless, EBPs have proven to be a useful resource in order to effectively find what works best for each patient.
  • Staff Credentials: Properly prepared personnel can change everything. In order to tackle substance abuse from its roots and providing effective treatment for each patient, it is absolutely necessary that the staff has the right credentials. Licensed psychotherapists and medical doctors with experience in this field are crucial for patient recovery.
  • Clinical services availability: Addiction and substance abuse are very serious conditions that require special medical care and a somewhat regular lab testing and monitoring.
  • Tailored treatment: Personalised treatment is a must when it comes to substance abuse. Since every person varies and every substance abuse and addiction case is different, treatment should also be different and respond directly and proportionally to the needs of each patient.
  • Promotion and encouragement of family support: Substance abuse and are often associated to non-existent, complicated or at least dysfunctional family relationships. Further from doing any good isolation is not always the best path for a recovering addict. Au contraire, family support is absolutely necessary to drive a successful recovery and prevent relapses.
  • Prevention programmes: Stronger family ties and more solid relationships are not always enough to keep loved ones away from substance abuse and addiction and relapses are rather common. After recovery it is important to follow prevention programmes that will keep the patient away from relapsing or at least, minimise the risk.
  • Follow up programmes and continued care: From group therapy to individual sessions whenever necessary, and preferably on a regular basis at least for an entire year following discharge, which will serve as a cushion or safety whilst the patient reincorporates to their normal lives.
  • Reviews from patients: Thanks to technology rating a product or service and getting information from other uses -or in this case, patients– is easier than ever before. Henceforth, finding information regarding how good a programme is shouldn’t be too challenging as there must be reviews online.


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