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Does your kid need dental braces?

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Does your kid need dental braces?

Naturally flawless teeth are a not very common, and once your child has left behind the baby teeth and their permanent pearly whites start to come out, often times they look rather crook.

Of course, your child’s appearance will play an important role in his development, confidence and overall performance. However, braces are not just about aesthetics, in some cases your kid will actually need them for medical purposes. So, how do you know if your child truly needs braces?

Although children with crook and misaligned teeth can still enjoy a normal life, in some cases there’s an implicit medical risk that renders the child unable to properly chew or speak. Further, crowded teeth make for a more difficult hygiene process, which increases the risk of developing problems and conditions caused by poor hygiene.

In spite of a lack of appalling proof, most dental professionals agree that in the right cases, braces can have a positive impact on a person’s health, improving it considerably. Additionally, further complications can present themselves as the child grows into adulthood if any teeth misalignments aren’t corrected.

In Germany, orthodontists use a rating system of five to identify and determine if and when a child needs braces for other purposes that are not purely aesthetic. From severity grade 3 and forward, it is recommended that the child receives immediate treatment, even if the misalignment doesn’t seem to be a problem for the child. The perfect age is between 10 and 13, when the bones are still growing and teeth can be moved easier.

Once the orthodontist has determined the nature of the problem, you will know what kind of braces should your child wear -whether fixed or removable– and for how long, although usually, the treatment last around 4 years. Once the desired result has been accomplished, the braces are removed.

In order to keep recently aligned teeth in place, and preventing them from going back to their original position, a retainer is necessary and consists of a wire attached to the back of the front teeth that must be worn for around 1 more year, depending on your doctor’s recommendations.

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