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Keep the flame alive – Erectile dysfunction solutions urologist New York City

Keep the flame alive – Erectile dysfunction solutions urologist New York City


Enjoying intimacy and having a fulfilling life is still possible.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that affects many men, causing insecurity, self-consciousness and depression, among other conditions capable of damaging their self-esteem and overall emotional health. There are several ways to fight this issue in a non-invasive way depending on the underlying causes of the problem. Nevertheless, in some cases erectile dysfunction cannot be treated with neither natural nor prescribed medication.

During the last two decades science has made amazing breakthroughs and improvements in many areas. Urology is definitely one of them. Nowadays experts on the field can perform a penile implant surgery, allowing men suffering from erectile dysfunction to recover their sex lives and hence their confidence; leading them to a more happy life.

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What is a penile implant or penile prosthesis?

A penile prosthesis is a device surgically inserted inside the penis to make an erection possible. There are two types of penile implant; one of them is a set of flexible rods that adjust accordingly to the patient requirements, bending or stretching to achieve the desired position. This form of prosthesis is the simplest to handle for patient and surgeon but probably the least effective.

Inflatable penile implants are another alternative that has its own variations. There is a two-piece prosthesis, consisting of two conduits attached to a liquid reservoir and pump. When the pump is pressed the conduits fill up to achieve the erection. At the base of the pump there is a valve that deflates the penis by releasing the liquid back to its reservoir when pressed. The major difference between this device and the three-piece prosthesis lies in the latter having the fluid reservoir located separately from the pump. This reservoir is inserted in the patient abdominal area whilst the pump and release valve are located inside the scrotal sac.

This procedure is carried out whilst the patient remains sedated with either general or spinal anesthesia and it takes from 45 minutes up to an hour. It demands a recovery time of four to six weeks, after which the patient may resume their normal activities, including sexual intercourse.

What should you keep in mind when it comes to penile implants?

  • Evaluate your expectations and be honest.

Think thoroughly about the impact this procedure may have in your life and your partner’s. But be very aware of all the risks, advantages and disadvantages that come with your decision.  Reach a Urologist New York City and consult with a top specialist to guarantee you’ll have the right information.

  • Check your medical records

Bear in mind that any surgical procedure involves certain risks, thus you must know your medical history in order to provide accurate information that will ensure your safety.

  • Get your physical exams

Before you undergo any kind of surgical procedure you must check your overall physical condition, afterwards you’re going to need a complete urological exam to determine if your erectile dysfunction cannot be treated any other way and the implant is absolutely necessary. If so, an specialist must perform the remaining exams to determine what are the best options for you and the safest way to carry on with the surgery.

If you are considering to get a penile prosthesis or want more information about this topic please contact an Erectile dysfunction doctor NYC at Luzato Medical Group for top quality attention and patient care.

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