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Immediate Charge implants: a quick and comfortable technique

dental implants Fairfield County, CT

Immediate Charge implants: a quick and comfortable technique

Amongst the dental treatments more demanded by patients today, the dental implant treatment shines. However, among the patients seeking out this treatment, more and more of the patients who have lost a tooth are choosing this kind of immediate charge implants.

This method allows replenishing the lost dental pieces by prosthetic implantation, bone grafts -if it’s necessary– and provisional tooth fix (immediate charge) in one single session.


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Dr Abdul Nasimi, an expert in surgery and dental implantation, has pointed out that the dental implants of immediate charge are more demanded by the people every day, simply because it’s a less invasive technique, more comfortable and a lot quicker.

Some patients recall their experiences with immediate charge dental implants, explaining that during the intervention they didn’t feel anything and on that same day, they went back home with their tooth. They didn’t have any bruises, inflammation, blood or anything similar, and after following the indications the doctor gave them, they haven’t had any problems and they’d be willing to do it all over again without thinking.

Different specialists from different dental clinics have pointed that this kind of implants are pretty successful with people and they actually have a lot of benefits and there are plenty of advantages to it. It’s not only a faster technique in comparison to that of the traditional implant treatment, but also it’s been found that it reduces the time between the different faces of the treatment.

In the dental health field, we see a constant evolution thanks to the new technologies and the study of new medical techniques that make life easier for the users. The immediate charge implants are one of the biggest innovations in the last years and it seems like the technique will keep consolidating within the field of the dental medicine.


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