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A fifth part of the dental implants ends up in an infection and bone loss

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A fifth part of the dental implants ends up in an infection and bone loss

Gum disease causes can vary, from genetics to environmental elements, any of them can have a big impact on your oral health. In fact, gum disease is so common that it affects 80% of people with teeth.

Dental infections have become something rather common. Almost the fifth part of these procedures end up in mucositis and peri implantitis, which may lead to bone loss. That’s why prevention is essential in the treatment to avoid the inflammatory process.


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Although there are exceptional cases, the infection in a dental implant could followed by a sepsis, a generalized infection.

Maria Peñarocha, president of the fifteenth congress of the Spanish society of oral surgery along with other prominent figures from the implantology field around the world, explained that the most common dental infections, often end in mucositis, an inflammatory problem that affects the soft tissue and if it’s not treated, in time will cause the patient to develop a peri implantitis that may lead to loss of the bone support where the implant has been integrated.

The infections over dental implants are as common as the ones that happen to the teeth, which can be explained by the bacteria present in our mouth. The patient must know that the implant, just like a tooth, needs to be taken care of because it may develop an inflammation or other symptoms like bleeding or bad breath. Further, if the condition persists, the patient will end up losing part of their bone tissue.

Any oral surgery, even a normal extraction or just a cleaning that implies bleeding can derive in a strong infection process, that’s why a professional dentist need to determine which patients will require antibiotics after the procedure.

In patients who smoke, the percentage of failure in the bone implant technique is higher because tobacco has negative implications in dental implants. According to the experts the trend is taking care of your oral health. Henceforth, more and more treatments will be required in the future, however most of them will be aesthetic, orthodontic and the ones related with prevention.


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