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Why Family Therapy Can Be the Best Choice for Your Child

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Why Family Therapy Can Be the Best Choice for Your Child

Often, parents take their children to therapy because of an issue that needs to be treated. However, many parents believe that that issue needs to be treated exclusively with the child. In most cases, this is far from the truth. Generally, when a child is having behavior or personality difficulties, the root of the issue may rely on the family as a whole rather than the child in question.

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Personality traits are the result of genetic and social factors, and family is the most influential social factor. It has an even greater effect on children because their social exposure is limited and family is who they interact with the most. Whether it is a learned behavior or a reaction to a situation in their families, it is necessary to treat the issue as a family. Understanding that every member of a family is an integral part of its optimal functioning is paramount for a successful treatment.

Common Situations that Call for Family Therapy

  • Change in financial situation. An economic recession within the family affects everyone in it. For children it may be an even more complicated ordeal because they may not understand what is truly happening. If a child is used to certain lifestyle and it suddenly changes drastically, it would have an effect on his or her behavior. Some may be mature enough to understand the situation, but others may need professional help in order to assist them in doing so.
  • Loss of a close relative. The death of a close family member, or even a pet, affects everyone in the family. For some children, especially the ones who are dealing with a loss for the first time, it is necessary to get professional help to overcome that loss. Many professionals recommend family therapy as treatment.
  • A change in living situation, such as divorce, may represent for a child to have to reorganize his or her life again. Discussing and understanding this drastic change as a family will lead the child to better assume his or her new living situation.
  • There are many other situations in children’s lives that require family therapy as treatment. Any kind of abuse, learned behavior from their parents, between others, immediately call for family therapy.

When it comes to children, it is best to confront any issue they may have as family unity. Family therapy will help to improve not only your child’s but also your life’s situation.

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