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An effective home remedies to cure gingivitis

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An effective home remedies to cure gingivitis

Gums are the tissue that covers our teeth, and it’s constantly exposed to bacterial action, when plaque is accumulated around the teeth, illnesses as gingivitis can show and quickly reach a superior level: periodontitis. If you continue reading this article, we will tell you how to beat gingivitis with home natural remedies.


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Gingivitis doesn’t hurt and starts to show itself with a little inflammation of the gums. You will notice that they started to get red and you can see signs of inflammation. Perhaps, the most noticeable signal is the bleeding, which is produced frequently during the tooth brushing, this happens because of the accumulation of dental tartar between the tooth which is no other thing than residual food mixed with saliva and other substances that are being accumulated between our teeth and also produce bad breath.

The accumulation of dental plaque or dental tartar is the worst enemy of your mouth, because it isn’t just the cause of gingivitis but also keeps its course eroding the bone. When this happens, we lose bone material through reabsorption. This is called a periodontal illness, which can be presented in a low, moderate or high state and the consequences are terrible, it causes the movement of our permanent dental pieces and in the end their loss.

The first recommendation we give you is to visit a dentist, so he can determine in which state your gums are, in order to do that the dentist will check profoundly the space between each tooth and the gum.

Oral hygiene is necessary. Doing periodical cleanings to your teeth, whether you have this illness or not. A professional will take out the dental plaque or tartar with the necessary instruments to ensure that the enamel won’t be damaged. In those cases where the tartar cannot be eradicated in a superficial way, other methods can be used, these methods will ensure a deeper cleaning but they just could be achieved with anesthetics because of the amount of pain the patient can suffer.

An effective home remedy to treat gingivitis could be the following,


The baking soda solution:

The preparation of this solution is as follows: Take one tablespoon of peroxide, one tablespoon of salt and one tablespoon of baking soda in a glass, then pour a third part of warm water on that same glass and mix it all. Proceed to take a zip but don’t swallow and keep making the liquid circle around your mouth for 30 seconds every time you take a zip.

The flavor is salty and unfriendly, but remember that the salt helps to reduce the gum inflammation and it boost the elimination of bacteria. Besides, bear in mind that you’re doing it for your health and it is a really successful method if you do it regularly. It is recommendable to do this exercise between one and three times a day depending on the case.

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