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Why Choose Pediatric Dental Associates?

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Why Choose Pediatric Dental Associates?

Pediatric Dental Associates is a pediatric dentist and Orthodontist Wyckoff company. They offer their services to patients up to the age of 22 from all throughout the Ridgewood, New Jersey area. They’ve combined the services of dentistry and orthodontics in the same office. All employees have received years of additional training in how to provide dental care to younger patients. They are experts in communicating with children. That’s why folks from all over Ridgewood have consistently chosen them through the years. Here are a few more reasons why your child stands to benefit from you choosing PDA to take care of your son or daughter’s developing smile.

They Never Overbook

Their patients are their number 1 priority. They cherish the faith you put in them to take good care of your child. That’s why they never allow your appointment to go overbooked in place of another. Organization is a point of pride for PDA. And if you read any reviews on their social media you’ll see just how reliable they are when it comes booking appointments. Whereas with many other companies who will often have two columns for appointments and frequently double-book two patients, forcing them to cancel one of them, with PDA that never happens. With PDA, your time slot is your time slot and no one else is coming in. You can count on that.

They’re Extremely Punctual

All of their patients are important to them. Moreover, the time of all of their patients is important also. Timing is crucial, which is why you never have to worry about PDA running late. Their years of experience have allowed them to master their craft, meaning they always know how long an appointment is going to take. Additionally, they always leave enough leeway between appointments to ensure no one’s time runs into another’s. It is these kinds of little touches that distinguish PDA from the rest. And it all comes from the fact that they know that your time is precious and they respect that.

Your Child Will Have The Option To Receive Dental And Orthodontic Work In The Same Appointment

If your child receives braces, he or she will need to attend monthly appointments so the orthodontist can tighten the wires. Additionally, throughout our lives, in order to keep our smiles looking their best and to fend off cavities, we all need professional cleanings every 6 months. With PDA, your child will have the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. All your kid has to do is finish up with the orthodontist and walk right on over to the dentist’s office across the hall.

PDA is the leading pediatric dentist and Orthodontist Wyckoff services provider. Patients from all sides of Ridgewood choose them because they know patients and parents know they can depend on PDA to deliver the best services in town. They’re punctual, organized, and exceedingly good at their jobs. To learn more about what makes PDA so special, or to set up an appointment for your child, give them a call today at (201) 652-7024.

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