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If you and your partner can't seem to conceive but she has gone through every test in existence and shown no signs of problems, you may want to consider getting some tests yourself. http://www.drharryfisch.com/its-not-just-women-who-can-be-infertile-microsurgical-varicocelectomy/ For more info on male infertility and possible solutions, contact New York urologist

In this article we’ll discuss the various causes of erectile dysfunction (ED). If you suffer from any of the illnesses listed below, and have tangentially struggled with ED as a result, you may want to consider seeking erectile dysfunction doctor NYC services. Now, without further

Contrary to popular belief, erectile dysfunction is not an inevitable byproduct of aging. Moreover, for young people. It is not necessarily entirely psychological. There are many different factors and possible sources of a man struggling to get an erection in bed, and in some case

Erectile dysfunction affects many men and this erectile dysfunction doctor from New York has the latest scoop in facts vs. myths regarding ED, now pay attention and uncover the myths of erectile dysfunction, unveiled by this Manhattan urologist.   Myth Fact Erectile dysfunction is a normal part of aging. It

At the upcoming World Wide Transformational Summit, we have many healers, practitioners, inspiring and transformational speakers, joining us. However, Phil Chambers may be one of our only speakers who can also claim the title of “champion.” Chambers is a Mind Mapping Champion, six-time Mind Sports