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How To Build Trust With Younger Dental Patients

pediatric dentist Elmwood Park

How To Build Trust With Younger Dental Patients

Pediatric Dentist Elmwood Park

The advantages of sending your child to a pediatric dentist instead of a regular dentist are invaluable. Communication is enormously complex and variable even for adults. For children, such is the case but to an even further degree. That’s because children are still discovering the ways of the world. And thus, new experiences, especially relatively invasive ones like dental care, are confusing. It’s so important to have a professional who’s received extra training in the complexity of communicating with a child. Here are the kinds of skills and techniques one can receive from Pediatric Dental Associates in Ridgewood’s pediatric dentist Elmwood Park services.


This technique allows pediatric dentists to minimize surprises, which are the biggest catalyst of bad relations and lack of trust. First they’ll verbally explain to the child what the problem is. Then they’ll explain what they plan to do and why their actions are going to solve the problem. They’ll also explain to the child how the procedure will feel, using words that convey the message of discomfort without frightening the child.

Then, once the explanation is complete, they’ll take it one step further by demonstrating the procedure on a model clay mouth so that the child can also visualize what is going to happen. This gives us the ability to make sure that the child understands exactly what’s going to happen. By the time we actually perform the procedure, the child should have a full understanding, which in turn, will allow us to build trust, over time.

Parent Involvement

Especially in the early stages, as in the first group of appointments, the primary goal is to build trust with the patients. For children, the best way to do so is through the parents. Children have only interacted with a handful of people in the world. Their parents are the ones who have always been there and helped them through new experiences. They owe everything to their parents and they know that. That’s why the parents are the source of establishing trust. As a result, PDA’s dentists usually encourage parents to remain present when they are planning on performing a procedure that they suspect may be uncomfortable for the child.

They also want the parents to be present to build trust with the parents. PDA doesn’t want them having any doubt that we are taking the absolute best possible care of their children. PDA’s dentists are so skilled that they’re confident that with the parents seeing how they treat their children, they’ll understand that PDA is the way to go.

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