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Bladder Cancer FAQs

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Bladder Cancer FAQs

Bladder cancer is amongst the top ten most common cancers in the USA. It affects more men than women, and can be a horrible disease if left alone. With the help of Luzato Medical Group, we explore bladder cancer as a disease, and hope to answer any questions or doubts you may have. Luzato Medical Group is a leading clinic, offering some of the best urology doctor Manhattan has to offer.

According to a recent survey, more than 50% of bladder cancer cases in the US are diagnosed in people older than 75. This suggests it targets the older generation more frequently, but if you’re young, you aren’t out the water yet!

In the following post, Luzato Medical Group answer some questions on bladder cancer with the aim of raising awareness of the disease, and perhaps more importantly, its symptoms.

Is Bladder Cancer Straightforward To Diagnose?

When it comes to diagnoses, blood cancer is fairly easy. The things which people struggle most with are recognizing the symptoms in a timely manner. Furthermore, some of the primary symptoms that come with bladder cancer, link to other medical problems. This makes it vital to see your GP at the first available opportunity should you be suspicious of symptoms.

When bladder cancer affects women, a delay of symptoms can be very dangerous. If you are at all concerned with anything happening in your body, visit a GP or an urologist, as soon as possible. There is also a common misconception when it comes to bladder cancer as to who can actually suffer. It isn’t just older men that can affected, but boys, girls, men, and women of all ages can also suffer from bladder cancer.

What Are The Primary Symptoms Of Bladder Cancer?

The number one, most common symptom of bladder cancer is blood in your urine! This can be in the form of a noticeable amount when you go to the toilet. And in other times, can be a microscopic amount only noticed after professional testing.

Some other common symptoms include frequent urination, pain when urinating, or consistent and repetitive urinary and urinary tract infections. The infections are a tell-tale sign of bladder cancer, as your body is proving that antibiotics or medication aren’t helping. If you suffer from any of these symptoms it’s best to see a GP or urologist as soon as possible.

What Is The Survival Rate?

The difference between detecting bladder cancer early or late can be huge! If it’s caught early enough, the cancer will remain on the lining of your bladder. This gives you a survival rate of up to 80% for the first 5 years. However, if it is caught late, and the cancer has spread through the wall of the bladder and into other vital organs, this is bad news. If this happens, your survival rate is cut to less than 15%.

The key to success with bladder cancer and cancer in general, is catching it early. The earlier you suspect and detect cancerous symptoms, the greater your chances of survival.

How Can We Raise More Awareness For Bladder Cancer?

The first thing we need to do in order to boost awareness is to get people talking about bladder cancer. Secondly, we need to dispel the notion that bladder cancer is an “old man’s disease” as the stats certainly suggest this isn’t the case. This needs to stop urgently, as medical professionals are slow at referring women with blood in their urine or other patients who have recurring urinary tract infections.

Educating the world about bladder cancer is vital to enlighten people of the seriousness of the disease. It’s a killer, and this should be a serious topic of conversation in schools and public places. The earlier we educate the world about bladder cancer, the more people will understand should they suffer any symptoms or worries.

Is It A Case Of People Not Going To The Doctor In Time?

The reality is that many men fail to visit their doctors if they notice blood in their urine. Often, it’s dismissed as a ‘one-off’ or they believe it’s cause, is after lifting something heavy, stress, or working too hard.

Older men, the individuals at the highest of risks, often believe it is another factor of getting old. They are often resigned to the idea of visiting a medical professional as they confuse some symptoms to be part and parcel of getting older. They can suffer for months without seeing their doctor, and this is often too late. It’s vital to get help at the first sign of bladder cancer. It can be the difference between a 15% chance of survival to an 80% chance. We know which odds we prefer.

In Conclusion

To conclude, bladder cancer is a nasty disease that can kill you, if you don’t seek the right help. We hope with this concise guide, Luzato Medical Group, has helped answer your questions. If you are concerned by any symptoms you may be suffering from, get in touch with the expert team at Luzato Medical Group. Luzato Medical Group is home to the leading urology doctor Manhattan, and he is ready to assist you with any problem, no matter how personal.

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