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Attacking the symptoms won’t cure you from gum disease

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Attacking the symptoms won’t cure you from gum disease

If what you want is to get rid of periodontal disease,  you better start addressing the cause instead of the symptoms.
Sure, treating the symptoms of your periodontal disease is extremely important. However, even if you visit a dentist on a regular basis for cleaning, that doesn’t mean your gums are clear from trouble. In fact, making an appointment to go see a periodontist is a smart move.

Believe it or not, the gum is not the most important part about gum disease. In fact, the bone that supports the teeth is the most important part of it all. Whilst the guns may swell and recede, if you lose part of the bone, this will be most likely lost for good. That’s why detecting and addressing the problem during the early stages is essential to preserve its integrity.

There’s a tartar or plaque that forms below the gum. Although regular dentists clean and remove these plaque/tartar from the visible teeth surface, the tartar that forms below the gum continues to cause damage, in spite of the clean appearance of the teeth, which is common mistake amongst patients.

Whilst normal cleanings just remove the buildup from the crowns, debridement or root cleansing, takes care of the problem on a deeper level, which significantly improves the overall health of your mouth and teeth.

Since periodontal practice specialises in treating and addressing any ailments related to the structures that support the teeth. If you’re wondering how legit a periodontal work can be, you ought to know that aside from the basic five-year training of dentistry, periodontists spend another 3 extra years receiving specialised training, which starts at least two years after they receive their first degree. Periodontists treat gum disease, gum disease of a dental implant, pigmentation in the gingiva,receding gums from brushing too hard with a toothbrush, pregnancy gingivitis or swellings, sinus lifts, bone grafts, gum grafts, placing implants for missing teeth, and gum surgery.

Actually, when a case is too difficult for a dentist or it hasn’t responded successfully to their treatment, or even dentists find cases that are believed to have better chances of having an optimal outcome under the care of a more specialised professional, dentists themselves refer patients to a periodontists. However, referrals are not a requirement to visit a periodontist.

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