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Almost 40% of people over 55 carry dental implants

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Almost 40% of people over 55 carry dental implants

Good oral hygiene prevents rejection problems, infection and overload of the implant area and its surroundings.

39.3 percent of people over 55 carries dental implants, and in that same group, 9 out of 10 say they have improved their life quality, as revealed by the ‘Sanitas Study Of Oral Health 2017’.


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“The partial or total loss of teeth is common in older people and it may cause serious physical consequences such as nutritional problems due to difficulties to eat appropriately or alterations to the voice, as well as psychological consequences arising from the lack of self-esteem that patients can develop”, said the head of the Sanitas Senior Care Management, David Curto.

The adaptation and tailoring of the treatment to the specific needs of each person is essential to success. In this regard, the dentist responsible for attending the physicians who conducted the research has stated that “in order to choose the right kind of implant, it is necessary to take in mind factors such as the patient’s bone structure, if they have allergies to any of the materials of the implant and any other aspect that could harm their oral health. In the case of the elderly, we must pay attention if they are suffering from any cardiovascular disease, Parkinson’s, diabetes or osteoporosis, which can cause complications.”

64.5 percent of respondents highlighted not having problems with their implants. In the case of having suffered any issue, they addressed insufficient bone mass for proper implantation (21.5%) as a main reason. Also you can find overload damage cases (9.3%), implant rejection (8.4%) or infection (5.6%).

To avoid these problems, dentists recommend to having dental checkups regularly, brushing their teeth with toothpaste that contains non-abrasive fluoride, and complement the brushing with other oral hygiene elements, such as flossing and using mouthwash. Avoid elements like tobacco or alcohol; and get medication under control as they can cause problems with the implants.


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