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4 Signs It’s Time For Codependency Counseling

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4 Signs It’s Time For Codependency Counseling

There is no universal definition for a healthy relationship. What feels healthy to one couple could seem any but to the next. Nevertheless, if you are concerned with your own personal health, growth, and wellbeing, it’s your responsibility to be mindful of that when engaging in a committed relationship. Because all too often are there people who consider personal growth and empowerment as a personal priority in life but have the tendency to fall into relationships that prevent them from pursuing those goals. If you feel that your partner is preventing you from living a happy and healthy life, you could be battling with your own personal issues with codependency. Here are a few signs it might be time to start looking for couples counseling Yonkers services.

Most of your daily priorities are for your partner instead of for yourself

Do you feel like your entire life revolves around your boyfriend or girlfriend? Do you ever get the feeling like you don’t ever have time for yourself? Take an inventory of your daily schedule and see how much time you have to do things that are just for you, and how much you do for your partner.

You constantly feel as though you haven’t done enough for your partner

No matter how much you give, it always ends up feeling as though it could have been more. If you constantly feel this way, there’s a good chance that this emotion is in your mind. It’s a habit that stems from years of conditioning in your upbringing. The sooner you address it, the sooner you can start working towards building a healthier relationship.

You prefer to keep the peace, rather than address your concerns

No relationship is perfect, especially in the beginning. Commitment and relationships go hand in hand for a reason. Because they involve work, a bit of conflict, and in the end, a resolution. If you find yourself constantly opting not to tackle your differences and work toward a more balanced dynamic with your partner, then you’re doing yourself a disservice in the long term. You’re also hurting the relationship itself, since your partner will never know. These are the kinds of habits that you can learn to reverse through hard work with a counselor.

You hide your concerns about the state of your relationship

The more you internalize what aspects of your relationship that worry you, the worse those things will become. If you really want to build with this person, then they have a right to know what bothers you. Hiding it will only hurt you both eventually.

Codependency is a common problem in relationships because inherently a long term commitment involves a power struggle. Determining the appropriate balance between both parties isn’t etched in stone, which makes it hard to know when one or both parties have overstepped unwritten boundaries. With the guidance of the Counseling Center’s couples counseling Yonkers services, you’ll be able to more clearly define where the boundaries lie and how to stay within them. Call (914) 793-3388 for more info.

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