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4 Signs That May Suggest Child Anxiety

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4 Signs That May Suggest Child Anxiety

Parents would understand whether or not their child is anxious, right? There are probably very obvious signs, right? Wrong. You might think you understand when and why your child is anxious, but sometimes it is not that simple. Many youngsters decide not to vocalize their concerns or remain closed about certain issues. With the help of Counseling Center, here are four symptoms that can be missed. If you or your loved ones are interested in child therapy Westchester NY, contact the Counseling Center. With a number of satisfied patients to date, they can offer your child the support and guidance they may require.

Here are four symptoms that are commonly missed:

Physical Symptoms

Anxiety isn’t always a psychological issue; it can be a physical problem too. Here a couple of tell-tale signs your child might be anxious.

Your child has issues going to the toilet. They have struggled for weeks with constipation. You have taken them to the doctor but they couldn’t find anything medically wrong.

You child has stomach aches. They feel like vomiting. You have taken your child to the pediatrician, gastrointestinal specialist and doctor but yet there is still no medical origin found.

The above signs show us that your child can be stressed or nervous about something. You should encourage them to express their true feelings or perhaps some child therapy could hold the answer.

Anger Issues

Issues with anger are always tricky because children can be angry for a number of reasons. They might have a mood issue. They might not like being told ‘no’. Or, it could be child anxiety issues that cause the anger present in your children.

If your child usually buries their emotions deep down inside, the only thing you might see is their anger surfacing. Perhaps they return from school ready to explode or bedtime brings a vast amount of resistance and rage. The best advice to follow when your child is angry is to pay attention the best you can. Try and work out where the anger sources from. Search for reasons that may trigger the uncontrollable rage. If you pay close attention, this can hold the key to unearthing the true issue. If you work out why your children are angry, it will more than likely help with their issues of anxiety.

Regular Routines Become Extremely Hard Work

If any of the following scenarios sound familiar then perhaps it’s a sign your child is suffering from anxiety issues. Firstly, does your child have to line up all their teddies specifically before they go to bed? Or, do you have to say, ‘I love you’ in a certain way before they finally agree to go to bed?

It’s a common mistake confusing ritualistic behavior for routines, so you’re not alone. Rituals are rigid and need to be completed in a very specific way. Whereas routines are predictable and comforting. If your children focus more on rituals, then this is an obvious sign of anxiety. If your children are more interested by routines this is a healthy sign and you should not be concerned.

Refusal To Attend School

Did your child used to love school? Did they always have lots of friends and achieve good grades? But something has happened, which leads to a battle just getting them in the car? They offer you all the excuses under the sun in order not to go? This is a sign of anxiety and there are a number of things you can do.

Anxiety is a condition that can be treated fairly easily. The earlier you get your child some help, the better the chances of an improvement in the long run.

If you feel like you child is showing signs of anxiety, seek out professional help from Counseling Center and its program on child therapy Westchester NY. It won’t hurt to get some professional guidance and advice.

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