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4 Flags You Should Seek Counseling Services

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4 Flags You Should Seek Counseling Services

The human brain is a magnificent thing. But sometimes, our minds play tricks on us. Especially when we don’t understand the root of the problem, we run the risk of our emotions preventing us from leading the lives we want to live. It’s not always clear what kinds of issues necessitate professional help. If you can relate to any of the following signs, that means that maybe it’s time you receive in The Counseling Center individual psychotherapy Westchester NY. 

1. If you’ve had a physically or emotionally traumatic experience that you can’t seem to forget about

People tend to associate post traumatic stress disorder with war veterans. And indeed, PTSD is a common issue amongst vets and soldiers. That said, the disorder just as well can apply to many other kinds of people. If you were the victim of physical or sexual abuse as a child, that could lead to harmful behavior towards oneself later in life. Similarly, if one was victim to a severe accident or witnessed something traumatic, this too can lead to PTSD. If you suspect that you may be suffering from PTSD, now is the time to do something about it.

2. You self-medicate to escape from reality

Contrary to popular belief, substance abuse is less often about a heightened reality and more about escape. People who struggle with everyday life, whether it be due to depression, poverty, anxiety, or any number of other stressful and debilitating emotional and circumstantial obstacles in life. Counseling will help make sense of it all.

3. You’ve lost interest in hobbies/activities that were once a central part of your life

Granted, we all change throughout the course of our lives. If your interests are simply evolving, that’s perfectly normal. However, if you find that you’d simply prefer to stay home and do nothing rather than partake in an activity that once fascinated you and you can’t seem to place why you lost interest in the first place, that could be a sign of depression. This should let you know that maybe a professional assessment would be appropriate.

4. You find yourself distancing yourself from past relationships

If you’ve been burning bridges and repeatedly distancing yourself from people who were once close to you, that’s another sign that depression may be taking over your priorities and your personal health. The first step to beating depression is talking about it with a professional who can help you understand it. Medication should be your last resort. First, it’s usually best to speak to a professional and see if you can work through the problems through psychotherapy.

If you’re concerned that you may be suffering from mental illness and would like to speak to a counselor, reach out to the Counseling Center by calling (914) 793-3388. There you can find couples counseling, individual psychotherapy, career counseling, and substance abuse counseling Westchester NY services. Whatever the issue is, the Counseling Center can connect you to the resources you need to begin working towards recovery.

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